Im wondering how the quality of this microphone is. It seems to have pretty good reviews, but most of them are for vocals. While I will be using it for vocals, I am also wondering how well it records next to a bass or guitar amp. It anyone has any personal experience with it, please let me know what you think. Also I know this isnt going to be the greatest mic ever, but it seems like a good deal with the price and all.

Thanks for any help
it's hard to tell as their aren't any specifications to let us know the frequency response and what not. Price wise it isn't very encouraging quality wise, though it has been reduced in price so that may be a factor. Don't trust reviews at all. Maybe ring them up and ask them to tell you the frequency response.

The human hearing range is from 20hz to 20khz so usually a microphone that can do something like that will be a great all rounder just like the Shure SM58 and SM57 microphones.
it'll be fairly mediocre at best, and that would be pushing it, fine for demoing I suppose, but I wouldn't try to sell anything recorded with it, except for black metal.
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for 20$ with a stand and all...it probably sounds like ur underwater.
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