So I've always enjoyed singing for fun, and now that I play guitar, I want to learn to sing even better.. I'm just wondering if there's a way to find some GOOD vocal coaches? I don't really know what a lesson with one would be like either, are they noticeably beneficial to your singing? Could it be compared to taking guitar lessons or other instrument lessons?
If your in high school, choir would be your best option other than that i really dont know.
It helps with range and teaches you how to hold a note. It is kinda like taking guitar lesson (feel free to correct me if im wrong).
Yeah, I'm not in high school anymore! I'm in college, so I was kinda looking for lessons, but I don't know if I can find a teacher like I found a guitar teacher..
You may be able to take private lessons with a teacher in the music department. Send and email to one of them or ask them before one of their class. They should able to do that, that what of the music teacher do where i live.
So noone would recommend finding a teacher if I want to get better at singing?

I know there's plenty of exercises and such online and in books, but I figured a teacher would be more beneficial. I didn't start progressing on guitar until I started taking lessons, too.
Definitely, definitely, definitely get a proper voice instructor.

Talk to them about the technique they teach and how they teach it. Ask them about the benefits of such a technique and that sort of thing. What you *don't* want is just some joker who sits there at a piano, plays tunes for you to sing along with (essentially working solely on pitch and repertoire and not technique), and parrots a bunch of crap to you about dropping your jaw and shaping your vowels "because that's what every other teacher says to do."

If they're even half-assed, they should be able to tell you about their technique and stuff.

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