I was really wanting some feedback about my first complete song. Although I haven't recorded the solo yet, I know it and couldn't wait to see what UG had to say about my song writing, singing, and riffage, etc.

The title of the song is Malicious Destroyer; the song and lyrics can be found on my profile. Also, after I have recorded the solo I will upload the final version.


All comments are welcome, thanks and enjoy.
Your vocals are too high in the mix and your guitar tone could use less high end (kind of abrasively thin) The structure of the song is pretty solid and your technique is pretty good (seems to be on rhythm throughout). Drums sound convincing too. Lyrics are nice and \m/

I am not really digging your vocal technique. Theres no grit/distortion and so it sounds out of place over such a heavy song. I think a slayer-esque vocal thoing could work pretty well here, Im sure youve heard them. You could keep these vocals as a second vox track too (mixed underneath a harsher track), you just need more hostility in your voice IMO.

I listened to your "The Decieved" cover and I am pretty impressed that youve only been playing since 07; keep it up man, both your rhythm and lead techniques are coming along really well.

not bad. i couldn't hear the drums very well at all except when the one guitar track dropped out. as mentioned the vocals were to high in the mix. personally i didn't mind the quasi dave mustaine style vocals but you need to sing more than talk your way through th lyrics. cut back a little on the distortion for he guitar when recording for a better defined sound (common mistake for newbie recording). overall a decent song and an excellent first effort.

don't have a link handy but my current song is CURSE OF THE MUMMY'S TOMB which is still on the first page of this section.