This only happens for live shows and never for practice. Has anyone else experienced this while playing bass (without a pick)?

My only ideas would be to strengthen my wrists with a grip sqeezer thing, or it is a psychological thing in which i have no idea how to fix this.

My band played a show last night and this really affected my playing a lot. Any ideas on what the cause can be and how to get rid of it?
I would like to hear some tips as well, been having a lot of problems with this issue myself. I've learned that drinkin before a show only makes it worse lol
Warm up, stretch and practice. After 5 years of not playing, I started playing again 2 years ago and stamina was the hardest thing to regain. My technique and fretting hand was fine, but my right hand was constantly tired. The only thing I found was building up everyday to a new point, something simple like 10 minutes of chromatic runs with a metronome, i also used songs to judge how my stamina was coming along.

Now a days I find the smallest thing to affect my stamina (Very slightly) , for example where I place my thumb, if i'm on the bridge pup, the strings are tighter and I have to use more energy. String height aswell. So try and find where the most comfortable place for your thumb to rest is. Don't play a song you know you can't play in a live situation, work your way up to playing them. Oh and my last point, don't damage yourself. if something is sore/burning just stop and rest.

The only Youtube video I can think of dealing with this is a Gary Willis' video...although he looks mentally disturbed in the video.


There was a good Billy Sheehan video aswell, but I see it's been taken down .

Edit : Oh and when i'm bored on a bus travel or walking, I also practice my right hand technique. I dunno if it physically helps or psychologically helps, but I do it anyway.
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