This is a song I wrote for a female friend of mine a while ago, but we ended up going seperate ways before I could give it to her and express my feelings. I hope that, since it was born from true emotion, this song has potential; as such, any and all criticism or suggestions are appreciated.


To find beauty akin to whom I speak
Would take far more than one life’s single span
The hardy knee one perfumed glance makes weak
A troll, a toll, my soul held in her hand
Soft petals bloom, a summer’s day on loan
Wooing stems not from pen but beating cache
Minds change but my heartsong is set in stone
Renewed each day, a phoenix crowned in ash

For perfection, so many seem to strive
So close she comes, she doesn’t even try
For perfect love, so many waste their lives
I’ve had it from the moment she arrived

Allure, genesis to that yawning gorge
Delve deep under the surface you will find
Radiant wit that day from darkness forg’d
That rarest and most precious gem—the mind
Is on display and in full view for all
To marvel at the musings of the spheres
Her voice brings the fresh breeze and heavenly call
Of seraphim, whose gaze melts lovelorn tears

For perfection, so many seem to strive
So close you come, yet you don’t even try
For perfect love, so many wait their lives
We’ve had it from the moment you arrived

EDIT: By the way, the music I wrote for this is a fairly simple fingerpicking progression as intro with variations of that progression strummed (for the chorus) and combination strummed/fingerpicked (for the verses). A short, melancholy solo vaguely reminiscent of the mini-solo in Dream Theater's "The Ministry of Lost Souls" comes after the first chorus, and the song's outro is the chord progression from the intro played as harp harmonics 12 frets up from the chord.
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