I was just wondering how long it takes to learn Pro Tool or any other DAW?
To learn everything....months. Months and months.
But just for basic home use you probably only need to learn a few parts for your own use...and that should be easy to learn within a week or 2 at the most. But Pro Tools is more than just the software that you have to learn about. Theres interfaces, hardwares, mixers, plug-in's, VSTs, external FX processes...and that all takes a bit of getting used to.
that really depends on the effort you put in

if you sit down with the manual and an instructional dvd it shouldn't take long.
when i was in college we had several ProTools HD rigs, and we all picked it up pretty fast.

i learned Logic Pro 8 over the course of a few days, pretty intensive study of the manual and practice.

i assume you're going for LE or MP?
Pro Tools is one of those things where you'll always be learning, but to get the basics to be able to put together a track, maybe a couple of months to learen everything (drum track editing, elastic audio, tuning/aligning vocals). As has already been mentioned, a lot of it is learning how to use certain plug in's e.g. Melodyne or Autotune for vocals
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it depends on what you want/need to know. for the basics -- recording, simple mixing techniques, etc. -- it might take you a couple of hours or a couple of days. to really know pro tools or DAW.... it takes years. years and years and years.

on the few big scoring sessions i've been lucky to sit in on, there was a nice guy named mark who sat in the back and read a book. that's all. he got paid about $100 an hour. why? because he was an insurance policy. he knows pro tools even better than the professional engineers (and we're talking hollywood guys), and any time there's a problem, hardware, software, he can fix it immediately.
Most of them are pretty easy to get to grips with but to truly learn all about them it'll take you months maybe even years.

You can always find new things really
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Quote by ph213x
I was just wondering how long it takes to learn Pro Tool or any other DAW?

However much time you take to learn it...It's different for everyone.

I personally have had it on my computer for a good year now and only know the basics. I use Sonar 8 Producer every day, I just don't like the layout of ProTools.......
How longs a piece of string. Depending on how often you're using it and wether or not you're using it efficiently
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