Okay, I need a new amp. I like playing heavy(ish) stuff such as Stone Sour, Static X, Rammstein but I’m moving away from that into more Black Light Burns, Foo Fighters, Muse, PHCP and Linkin Park.

Two of my favourite tones are from Stone Sour and Black Light Burns; both use Orange amps so I was thinking the Orange Rocker30 or the Dual Terror (30w). I’m intending to get gigging once I’ve got a decent amp so I’m looking at a head rather than a combo as they’re easier to lug round when another band can lend you a cab.

It must have nice cleans

I can test Marshall, Peavey, Line 6 and some Vox amps around Leeds but that’s about it as there are no orange stockists I know of and Mesa is out of my price range. I think PMT also has an Ashdown fallen angel in – but I’ve not looked into how it sounds.

Genres: see above
Wattage: prefer 30w+
Price range: £700 new, £600 second hand
New/Used: Prefer new, but happy to go used

I’m saving up for this so I won’t be buying straight away. Why is my new budget higher than my second hand one? Tax loopholes

edit: £600 is about $900US but amp prices vary across the pond
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I don't know how many USD that is. I just got a Vox AC100CPH and its great. $550 at zzsounds.com I played a Rocker30 before and it was really good also.
Do you really want to buy just a head and have to gamble whether or not someone will lend you a cab?
Why dont you just get a combo, there are millions of 30watt combo's floating around and that way you're totally in control of your gear.
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You might just be able to nick this for £650-700. Its coming up for xmas and we're in a recession so if youve got the money now then you probably could have this via a private sale?

Go on bro, just go all out and get one of these. If i wasnt going on holiday in 4 weeks i would have this very one
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Do you really want to buy just a head and have to gamble whether or not someone will lend you a cab?

I will also be building a 2x12 cab.

EDIT: seanchief2112 - nice find but I can't get £600-£1,000 together in 3 days, £400 maybe but I have xmass to pay for and buildings insurance.
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Ebay, right now is a buyer market you can get some great gear for excellent prices.

Why rule out Mesa? you can pick up rectos, mark III's etc for between 500-1000. Even if you have to save just a little bit more, its always better to go with the amp you really want.

Good luck.
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have you looked into a Laney VC30?
made in England and much more versatile than the Orange amps you listed.

Try one out, you'll be suprised!
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CloseToTheEdge - If I can find Messas for £500-£700 in a few months when I have the cash to buy this then I'll have to actually plug into one and try them out (I've always written them off as well out of budget so I've never played one).

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have you looked into a Laney VC30?

Youtube makes it sound interesting if I can find one to play on I'll definatly consider it.
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