Hi,im looking for an acoustic rite now,and im down to these two, Ovation CC24 and Takamine ED21C
Any of u guys own these guitars?please give me your views about them.u know...how they play,how they feel,tat kind of thing.thx
From my experience all i can say is to stay away from the lower-priced Takamines. I've tried some of them and they always seem to have a ridiculous high action and the neck feels cheaply made.

Why don't you try out some Yamaha and Laguna guitars? Those, along with Epiphones, seem to be rather good within that price range.
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well I own an Ovation Celebrity 400 I think it´s called ... I´m really satisfied with it, but those are kinda special guitars I wouldn´t recommend everyone, can´t say if I would buy one again... it sounds really good, but in comparison the takamine will sound more natural and solid ... and you definitely have to get used to the ovation´s round bowl. It´s always best to go to the music store and try it yourself
Ovations are really comfortable and easy to play- only thing is they sometimes slip off your lap because of the material. I own an Ovation and most I've played are brighter/shallow sounding. It depends on the sounds you're looking for. Most Takamine's I pick up have a good sound- it's about finding the right one. I don't own one but I have friends that do and for the price the quality is good and worth the money. Have you tried any Yamaha's? They are comparible to Takamine's- I own 2 myself and they have lasted me many years and still sound and play wonderfully.
i havent played thoughs guitars before, but i will say that i have an Alvarez that was bought for 200, not sure the model, and am very satified with it. and there a guy that i know, playes a 50's gibson, said it was a great guitar and that it was a great deal.