I have been considering buying a Brice HXB-405 (http://www.rondomusic.com/hxb405natq.html) and I was wondering what kind of Bartolini pickups I can put in it. Basically, there are different soapbar models and I wanted to know if I can put it any one of them or are there specific kinds in sizes. Also do all soapbars fit in one? (5 String ones I mean)
Try it, I dare you!
# Width of the neck at the nut: 1 6/8" at the 24st fret: 2 6/8"
# Neck Profile (thickness) at first fret is 13/16" and at 12th fret is 15/16"
# Overall length: 44 1/2" not including the strap button
# Width of body at the lower bout 12 5/8" Thickness of body at the strap button 1 3/4"
# Pickups measure 4" x 1.5" String spacing at the bridge 16mm"
# String Gauges are .030, .045, .080, .100, .125
# Actual Weight is only lbs 8.5 lbs

Right in front of your snozzle. Just check the sizing of the Bartolinis you want and make sure they match that.

Editskii: I don't know about soapbars specifically, so you'll just have to check sizes or wait on someone with more modding experience.
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