I uploaded it into my profile.

It's a rough recording of a verse and chorus, but I'm afraid it sounds a little bit rip-offy, I need a second opinion. And what should I do with it if it does sound rip-offy?
I don't know MUSE very well so it doesn't make a difference to me. I think you should worry more about your guitar tone first. Sorry I don't have words to describe the tone or help with it, other than that it needs tweaking. Then get a vocalist and some lyrics over it. That would be the most important part. Old Incubus and old Linkin Park had similar music to each other, but the vocalists and their lyrics were what set them apart from each other.

Just remember there's only twelve notes and most of the shit that hits the radio these days is all the same thing just with different lyrics. Or as John Lennon says, there's no song you can sing that hasn't been sung.
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I recorded this on my laptop in audacity. Just a little demo thing. Please don't mind the tone. Thanks for the feedback though.
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