guys, wondering does the body size differs each other? saw from the pics seems the same, mind teach me about the body size difference for acoustic guitar?

been playing full size dreadnought but yet to try out smaller body guitar, think they named it orchestra size? 00, 000... etc... John mayer, eric clapton signature are all 000 size guitar? mind u that these guys has huge hand IMO.

anyone tried all this range before,? mind elaborate??

thanks in advance.. cheers...

P.S: i know u will ask me go try out my own, however i have transport problem, larger guitar shop are all far away my city. peace...
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000 is slightly smaller and rounder than a Dreadnought. Here's a size chart:

Generally the smaller sizes have less bass and more midrange tone. They're quite popular for fingerpicking.

I don't know about the 000-15 specifically, but Eric Clapton played an 000 Martin on his Unplugged album. The 00 and 0 are even smaller guitars; Ian Anderson, from Jethro Tull, usually plays an 0-size to get that distinctive acoustic sound.

wow, thx mate for ur diagram, that clearly sums up about the size.. however wondering besides their narrower diff waistline, how bout their body depth? meaning wider body, deeper the width?? from side i mean the size diff... thx...
i was also looking at the 000 15 or the martin OM-1. Going up to the big local guitar centre after xmas to try a load out. I personally find the smaller body sizes more comfortable, but its down to preference i guess :P
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I can vouch that the 000-15S is a wonderful guitar. Having also played the 000-15 I can say it's great too.

It's very mellow though, it's not a strumming guitar. I mean, you can strum on it and I do so very often but it doesn't have the booming bass power a dreadnought has.