EDIT: Updated - I've added an optional "no send" version which doesn't send any data to anything. This is for those of you who don't want it to send stuff - I've also updated the standard version. Both versions now log the score and time data in a file called game.gtd; If you use the "NO SEND" version I'd be grateful if you could email or PM this to me after you're done playing so I can still use the data in my project.

First of all, you can download the game (). Please be sure to read about the data that the game sends to my webserver; I don't want anybody getting annoyed about not being told it sends some data :P (not applicable to the "no send" version)

Over the last few months I've been working on a simple tower defense game to investigate the relationship between human learning and machine learning through genetic programming. It is part of a research project.

I've finished the basic game, and now it's time to start collecting data both from the evolution of the computer AI and from human players. I'm posting this here in the hope that some of you might want to try my game out, and in the process help me to gather data about how human players learn to play the game.

All I need you to do is play the game; when you've finished playing and close it, the game will send the score, time and number of times you've played the game to my webserver, so that I can later use the data in my project report.

I may also continue to develop the game after my research project is done, so feel free to give any miscellaneous feedback too. In fact, the more you give me, the better, even if it's not constructive or whatever. even if you think the game is just shite, let me know because it helps me gauge interest :P

Here are some screenshots:

Thanks, and read the readme file if you want more info about the game!
So you get tanks and trucks, and all they get is foot soldiers? Doesn't sound very fair to me.
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So it's basically Plants Vs Zombies

But without the fun graphics?
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I'd play if it was online, but I don't want to download

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4475 was my score, I quickly worked on 3 supply trucks and light guns, then did 3 columns of fencing towards their spawn... and went gun happy..