I have an idea for a verse and have had it for a whilst but can't seem to develop it further with a repeating pre chorus & chorus as well as another verse and maybe a bridge , please help me out, here's the verse that I have so far.

Take a canvas, alpine white
Paint it black and turn on the night
draw a love song, sparkle the sky
sketch the hills and make them high

Thanks in advance for any help

Personal I am not a fan of AABB rhyming schemes, it makes it seem like a nursery rhyme :\
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I actually think that if you added on to it, that'd make a better chorus than a verse.
Choruses are usually the catchy parts of songs, and AABB rhyme schemes are usually catchy.
Just my two cents though, use it however you like.
love it!! to develop it you should def follow the imagery and continue on to kind of a low key love song