If I play in a band in which the other guitarist, and the bassist uses a halfstack, and much of the time we will not be running through a PA. Would a 2x12 be able to compare to the volume of a 4x12 halfstack? I have $400 to spend, would it be better for me to get a cheap halfstack on craigslist, or a 2x12.
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You'd need to put it so it's around the height of their top two speakers ideally, on the floor it won't do much good against the half stacks.

I'd suggest getting the 4x10 (or x12) instead though.

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More speakers dosen't make you louder just makes you sound more fuller.
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Some will claim that the extra 2 speakers will produce (x) amount of additional dBs but I wouldn't buy a cab based on the factors you've outlined so far.

In other words, there are other things that will affect your sound in relation to the other band members. Also, being in a band should not be a competition. All 3 of you need to work together to mix everyone's tone in as a group.

That being said, I would just focus on getting the best cab you can for $400 (probably used). For example, it is very possible that a 212 cab that is made better and has better speakers will sound louder AND better than a 412 with not so good construction and good speakers. See what I mean?

Yes, you can put a 212 up on top of something to get better projection. Yes, 212's are easier to transport. No, I don't think 10" speakers is the way to go (depending on what you play etc). I'd get 12'rs.

Worst comes to worst you can get a new Avatar 212 for almost $400.
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and whats the head you using?
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More speakers does make you sound fuller, which in turn makes you also perceived to be louder. If you ran a dB check I'm sure it would be higher as well. I dont know or care about the acoustic engineering aspects of it, but I've played my amp through a 1x12, a 2x12 and a 4x12....and the volume on the same settings was higher the more speakers you used.

Regardless of the technicalities, a 2x12 with a good amp is going to be plenty loud for almost anything, and if it isnt you can always mic it.
a 4x12 versus a 2x12 will certainly be louder....

all things equal (same speakers, same cabinet impedence presented to the amp), doubling loudspeaker displacement will give you a 3 decibel boost. This is the same increase as doubling your amplifier power would as well.

That is best case scenario though, when you factor in comb filtering from the added speakers, you probably wont get the full 3dB. But it WILL be louder than a 2x12.
3dB is however not a very large increase in perceived volume. The more subjective things like a fuller sound will have a bigger impression. Having said that though, A good quality 2x12 is a better use of your money than a crappy 4x12.
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i would go with a 4X12 for sure.

i had a 2X12 hated that thing.... got my 4X12 worlds better. but like everyone said it has to be a GOOD 4X12 the Marshall 1960A cabs are like the work horse of the metal scene, i see more 1960A cabs being used then all other cabs put togher.

my 2X12 was a Marshall 1936, My 4X12 is a 1960A both run G12T-75`s

but neither a 2X12 or 4X12 is gonna be good unless you have a good head to put on top so keep that in mind too
You can get a good used 412 for 400
That's how much I payed for my mesa used. You can also look into getting a Marshall 1960 or a used egnater 412. They should fit your budget if you go the halfstack route.
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