I am debating two guitars, one = unfinished neck, one=finished (glossy) neck.

I've always played unfinished necks, but I really like the quality of the guitar with the finished neck, but am just worried that the feel of the finished neck might slow down my playing?

Is it something I would just get use to, or should I go for the unfinished neck that I am already comfortable with? - and yes, I've played finished necks, and I do feel like my thumb gets 'stuck' sometimes, doesn't slide as smoothly or whatever... is this something that you just get use to until you don't even notice it anymore?

Guitars are Ibanez sas32ex (finished) and Ibanez s320 (unfinished).

Cheers .
Well, if you don't like the feel of a finished, glossy neck, then you should go with the unfinished one. However, if you really do like the guitar with the finished neck, then there is somethings you can do. First of all, is just to get used to it; they break in after a bit and feel really good. Or, you can take some 0000 grade steel wool, and rub it down gently, and it'll take the sheen off, and make it really smooth. It's up to you.
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I have a Jackson KVX10, with an unfinished neck, and I have an LTD EC-1000 with a finished neck. The unfinished neck is faster at first, but like Lil Macker said, after playing the finished neck for awhile, it wears down the sheen and makes it just as fast.

Now I can't even tell the difference (speed wise) between the two necks.
Not having a finish on the neck is only really useful if the neck is something like wenge or pure rosewood. The necks of most guitars are maple or mahogany, both of which are improved by a finish (in fact a maple neck should never not have a finish).
As far as types of finish go, nitro is infamous for being 'sticky', but as someone with three guitars with nitro-finished necks, I can safely tell you that goes in about three hours of playing. Some people are wary of gloss-finished necks too, but they also wear down very easily and only get slow if your hands are very sweaty. Satin-finished necks are usually just as if not more playable than an unfinsihed neck.
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I have a glossy neck, a satin neck, and an unfinished neck. They all feel very different. But it has to do with the quality of the guitars too. The glossy neck on my G-400 feels a lot worse than the Gibson counterparts and worse than other glossy necks I've played. The satin neck on my American Deluxe is the best satin neck I've ever felt. I've played other satin necks that didn't feel half as good. My unfinished RG Prestige neck is the best neck I've ever felt. I've played other unfinished necks and they didn't even come close. It makes my satin Strat feel like there's a layer of honey the back of the neck. The G-400 feels like glue. It really depends on the individual guitar. Some glossy necks feel terrible, some unfinished necks feel terrible.
I played unfinifshed and finished necks. I didnt care much for the nitro finish on the LP i once played, altough i could get used to it easily. It was also like 30 years old so it might have been that it was worn down to bare wood on some places. The unfinished necks were really nice but none of them were the right shape. I had an Epi LP with a finished neck and it was sticky when i bought it, but that went away after a while. My cirrent guitar has a glosy finished neck, and i love this guitar the best of them all, but more because of the shape of the neck than the finish. So, i belive what im trying to telly ou, shape is more important than finish. Also, just try the guitars for yourself, youll see what suits you better. The biggest diference i managed to find between finished and unfinished is, that i have to wash my hands before i play finished necks every time, or i have a greasy kind of feeling, but i didnt have to do that on unfinished necks.
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You could always take some sandpaper to the back of the neck

Bad idea

Also, listen to porky's post. He speaks the truth.
I have played both and I didn't even really notice a difference.

I didn't feel that either made me play any better or worse than the other...all just in the way it looks.

But I do prefer the way a finished neck looks....unless it has some pretty wood grain or something.
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both have good qualitys to them.
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Thanks for all the replies, not intentionally bumping this thread, because I went ahead and purchased the sas32ex finished neck because of all the positive replies that it usually ends up being just fine speed wise, and I do like the guitar a lot better. Just wanted everyone to know I read these, I just had a very busy weekend, and thank you for the informative replies!