Good Morning,

So I'm looking at used amps / FX pedals..
I need to over power the loud style drummers..

I was wondering which of the following would be better.

Line6 Spider 75 with the the line6 pedals.


A Digitech RP350 with another kind of amp?

If Digitech RP350 which amps would work best with it?

I play a little of everything
From Christian Worship to Joe Satriani style.

Thank You
Avoid the Spider like the plague
All I want is for everyone to go to hell...
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get a small valve amp, about 15watts max and then get soem decent pedals, it will be better and just as loud
Dont get the Spider, you ca do a lot better for the money, especially for the price of a 75W. Its not bandwaggoning, its the truth.