So I want to learn slap, I know the technique and can do scales and stuff, but what are some good songs/riffs that utilise slap?

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A big ass upright

Take the power back. RATM
Anitpop- Primus
Stayin alive_bee gees.

Are all fairly simple slap lines to get you started
Before you get the songs, they are all very rhythmic, focused around the drums and notes added later i always like to think. Feel the rhythm and then play it.
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I thought exactly the same thing a few months ago. I only knew the song ''take the power back'' from rage against the machine. Pretty easy and sounds nice, but if someone knows more: tell us
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fly away - Lenny Kravitz
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too many puppies- primus easy and so fun to play
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I learned slap by playing Tell Me Baby by The Red Hot Chili Peppers

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learn how to play aeroplane by red hot chili peppers. the music is soooo good, but it sucks that the goofy singing and lyrics are terrible... the bass groove is awesome though, definitely look up the song on youtube. it's the first slap song I learned.
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cant stop by chili peppers. and once you get a lil better try mr bungle. thats the shit
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Higher Ground by the RHCP.

x2, it's pretty easy to.
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After these songs get at some stuff like Forget Me Nots by Patrice Rushen and like fatal said Larry Graham