ok, so a lot of times ameteur song writers make the mistake of trying to write advanced songs and end up having a very difficult time. the truth is, songwriting takes practice. i also had this problem when i first started, and i over complicated my self. So, this thread will teach you how to write a good song without tangling your mind.

to start, Lyrics:
a lot of people struggle with lyrics, but i found a way to make your lyrics sound good and express what you want to say.
first, you need to write down line for line what you want to say, without worrying about how it sounds. Next, you toy around with the words changing them and try to make the lines rhyme, and have similar syllables. This will help greatly with your verses.
for example;

if i wanted to say-
i love my girl friend so much
she makes me feel special

then you can change it to-
the girl i love cant be real
no words describe how she makes me feel

Then, for a chorus, you could find a couple of lines that you like and repeat them in your chorus, or stick on one word or phrase, like in "seek and destroy" by metallica.

Now, for a riff, learn the blues pentatonic scale(very easy), and toy around until you find something pleasant to your ears, this can also be done if you want a solo or a bridge in your song. And i would highly suggest a bridge or solo or both.

Last, theres gotta be something playing to complement the singing during both the verses and the chorus. the most simple thing ive heard was just a simple power chord beat for the verse, then holdin a chord and leting it ring for the chorus. this is great for any type of punkrock or rock in general.

so i really hoped this helped. if theres any question post them here or email me at nikefball82@yahoo.com. if you need help ill lend you a hand with anything.


p.s. please post any songs you wrote using this method, or just post anything at all relating to the topic, anyway to make this thread better, and questions, etc.
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also, for good song ideas, i usually will walk around and talk to someone i know and find something that is going on in their lives that i could write about if nothing is goin on in my life.

some good ideas are-

or anything
im actually doing this at the moment, i can write riffs and stuff at complicated level, but not even 2 hours ago i restrung my B.C. Rich semi-hollow and just played 2 chords, it sounded good (think the 2 chords in the opening to elderly women by pearl jam) and so once i got the right feel speed and feel wise i looped it back and im now trying to get over my atrocious singing to write lyrics for it)

a tip, try the Hetfield method of lyric writing, once you get a progression down hum the rhythm of the words, and once you start getting something sing them out, sing them repeatedly, it may get annoying but it can allow you to move on to the next word as your brain will just want to move on with the flow.

and don't go at it saying, "i want to write a song about this", I've tried and it will frustrate you at times, the best thing is to really just let it flow out and if you like where its going keep it, if not start over lyrically.

just some of my tips from an actual novice attempting it, and what i attempt now thanks to trial and error
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