Hoping to find advice on two different setups...

1) I'd like to get my mother-in-law a mic and recording ability for her laptop. She plays acoustic guitar and sings and would like to record some of her songs. Wondering what my options are for this, quality isn't as much as a concern as it being user friendly.

2) I'd like to get myself the same thing, but with an input to run my electric guitar and effects into my PC. I would be a little more concerned about quality than her.

Not looking to spend on ton on either setup, we are both just getting back into playing and don't need anything professional at this point, if ever.

Any help would be appreciated!!! If this is too vague, and it probably is, ask away.

Thanks in advance!!!
Well some may disagree if you're looking too record just for fun and not looking to spend alot of money i'd say check out the line 6 pods? Plug in directly to you're pc using usb and start recording. I my self don't own one but from what i seen and heard there pretty good for recording. Another one would be the digitech rp pedals im not fully up todate maybe they much better ones i use the rp 250 to record but too me its not that great for recording unless i just fail at the settings seems a little muddy or fuzzy too me.... But yeah check out youtube for recording with line 6 pods see how they sound.

As far as acoustic? I don't know much about that my guess is get a mic and use a recording program example audiacity is a free program that works great.
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I use a M-Audio delta 44 and a Behringer Mic 200 to connect to my pc not sure about a laptop though. Any mic cheap or dear I have used sounds pretty good for the money I have spent. I personally use a MXL2003 Condensor mic at about £60. You can check out my recorded sounds on my site in my signature. All done in a bedroom.
I agree, I have the Line 6 X3 Live which I use at gigs, practice and to record. It works great for all of those. I can basically record everyone except the drums through my pedal while using Cockos Reaper if I have everyone record seperately. It's pretty nice.

Plus the Pedal supports two inputs, such as singing and playing electric, each with customizable options (reverbs, distortions for guitar, etc.).
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