I am looking into buying a Fender Blues Junior amp. However, I have a few quesitons about the amp for anyone who has one or has experience with one. I am also slightly confused about the 'special' editions.

Which has the best sound/tone: The standard Blues Junior, The Texas Red or the Tweed NOS?

If I can't find a special edition amp would buying a standard Blues Junior and upgrading the speaker, to either the one in the Texas Red or the Tweed, give the same sound?

Does this amp take distortion pedals well?

Any help with these questions would be greatly appreciated.

I'm not sure about the other editions but I have the standard Blues Jr. and I couldn't be happier with it, I planned to change out the speaker when I got it too but never felt like I needed to.

It takes every pedal I've used with it very well.

Hope this helps man.
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First of all. I HIGHLY recommend going with the Tweed NOS edition. it has a much better speaker. and IMO sounds a whole lot better than the standard BJr. It takes OD pedals very very well

the texas red and NOS IRRC have the same Jensen C12N ceramic speaker. while the standard BJr has the fender "special edition" I hate it. it sound horrid. get the NOS
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The speaker is by far the most significant difference between the standard and NOS, in my opinion.

Still, I'd get the standard, here's why:

In fact, if you do a little hunting, you can get a great speaker for the standard at a lower price than the upcharge for the NOS. Then you not only have the most significant upgrade available, you also have an extra speaker that might be used to sweeten a deal on yet another speaker, so you can flip and try different speaks to your hearts content!
wow, deja vu, saw this over at musicradar. I thought the red one had a vintage 30, and if it does, i'd avoid that one, but if I'm wrong and brett's right, then obviously my point is moot (i'm going on memory as i couldn't find one on the fender site or gak)

I'd agree with rutch's point, though- if you're willing to swap the speaker yourself, you can probably do it more cheaply with the bog standard version. Plus you'll have a choice of any speaker you want (within reason). Just as long as the special editions don't have higher quality cabinets, or you just prefer their cosmetics or something like that.
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I own the Blues Jr. Tweed. I also tried the regular Blues Jr. For my taste, the Tweed is MUCH nicer. It isn't as harsh sounding. And the Jensen speaker seems to break up easier. I'm not sure if there are any differences other than the speaker, but IF THERE ARE NOT any other differences, and you can get the exact Jensen speaker for less than the difference in price, that would be great. Then just have someone (or you) build you a cheap 3/4" wood speaker box, and you'll now have TWO 12" speakers. (will seem much louder).

Make sure you get the impedance right or you might damage your amp. (that's easily done to get the impedance right)
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One sec, let me copy and paste my response from MR.

What's the point of limiting yourself to just those 2 speakers? There's a whole world of speakers to be explored.

Look here: http://billmaudio.com/wp/?page_id=295
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Thanks for all the replies! I had a look at some other speakers for this amp (thanks to ILiKePiNeAppLeS!) and I am liking the look of The Eminence Cannibas Rex or maybe the Celestian Greenback.

Are these two speakers better than the ones in the special editions?

Which of the two produces a better sound?

Is it still possible to have the beautful clean tones?