Well, Christmas is looming and I’ve been looking at various OD’s. As of Christmas I’ll be using it through a Vox AC4, and am looking for something to boost this into slightly grittier territory for both rhythm and lead work.

I listen to mostly to Britpop - think Paul Weller, Oasis, Ocean Colour Scene etc, and Bluesy, Psychedelic, 60s stuff like The Who, Stones, Zep, Cream, John Mayall etc.

So far I’ve been considering the Crowther Audio Hotcake, Fulltone Fulldrive 2 Mosfet, Fulltone OCD, Xotic AC Booster and the Barber Direct Drive. Opinions on these are welcome as are suggestions for any others.

I’m also open to the idea of a treble booster.

Try to keep budget within reason (£200 at an absolute maximum).


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I'm in the same situation as you, used to use a Bad Monkey with my AC4 but want something better and British sounding.
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Fulltone OCD might work for you...

+1 i heard great things
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Rockthron Austin Gold for me~

btw i loves oasis- wonderwall so much

whenever i hear that song all i think of is this


maybe try the EHX english muff'n, as someone else suggested! i like my keeley blues driver OD, but im not sure its so much of a british amp sound, but its sexy

the fulltone GT500 was also pretty awsome when i tried it out, but it seemed alot of money to spend compared to the keeley
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EHX English Muff'n


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