Any tips on how to improve my up strumming. I'm trying to play "knocking on heaven's door" and my up strumming is awful.
I'm not the best ever at up strumming, either. I always end up losing my pick whenever I stump up, so I can't really help that but what I do is I start off strumming up slowly, and then I keep going faster. But I don't know if that's what you'll do, but thats what i do.
just practice...that's all i can tell you!

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How to get better at any technique:

doing it.

Just strum up a lot. Boom.
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There's no really much advice out there to help improve "awful", you have to explain a bit further. By now I can say, angle you pick?
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practice and make sure you reverse the angle of the pick compared to a down strum

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