Hahaha, I just won four tickets to see The Trans Siberian Orchestra next Thursday in Baltimore! Im so excited, I almost never win these things!!! I hear its gonna be a great show.

Anyway so it doesnt seem like Im just bragging, have you ever won any tickets or anything cool through a radiostation, or a sweepstakes or something?
Wow you're lucky!
Send a couple over here? lol

I've always wanted to see them but can't afford it. They come to NC this month, but I can't see them.
And nope, never won any tickets.
I had a friend go toone of their concerts a week ago. He said it was amazing, and also the violin player is hot.
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Never won anything from a radio contest, but congrats dude! I'm jealous as hell. I want to see TSO so badly, but I really don't have the cash for tickets atm.
TSO's excellent. I'm seeing them later this month in Oklahoma City. You won't leave dissapoint


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There's a thread, but congrats, man! I'm jealous.
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My friend actually won Pearl Jam tickets once. That was like 6 years ago though.

It was an awesome show.

TSO is amazing live. You should have a great time.
My brother won Weird Al tickets a few years ago. Great show too.
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Won tickets and backstage passes off Twitter to go see any NIN / Jane's addiction show last Spring. Seats were awesome. Dead smack in the middle (of an amphitheater), front row, only one section back from the stage.
sweet. I wish I could see em
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Ive seen Alice in Chains twice, both in pretty intimate settings. I won tickets to see them w/ NIN in a stadium, but i had to be 18 to get them. I figured eh, i love Alice so much id rather see them in a concert hall of 1500 people than an outdoor stadium, so i didnt go.
No the only thing i've ever won is a fairy cake in a raffle and the star prize from the simpsons and futurama comics.
I saw TSO last christmas, it was pretty epic cept i had was in the nosebleeds...
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I saw TSO from second row floor seats, it was AWESOME!!!!
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I saw TSO last year in B-more, it was awesome, have a good time!
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trans-siberian orchestra is an amazing show! saw them the last 2 yrs, but sadly, not this year.

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I saw them a few years back. The show was awesome!
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Wow, TS, that will be awesome. Have fun!

I went to some random ballet the other day because my aunt won tickets on a radio show. I don't actually like ballet much. I just like sitting in the dark theater and watching everyone around me without them knowing.