I purchased a marshall footswitch from guitarcenter.com a few months ago. The lead channel switch stopped working. I can't return it to guitarcenter.com under the 30 day return thing, but it is still under the 3 year manufacturer warranty. Since it's a manufacturer warranty I went to the marshall site and they specified to return it to the dealer. So what should I do... contact guitarcenter.com, visit a guitar center store, or contact marshall amps to try to get it fixed?
I would talk to GC and describe what marshall told you.
If that doesnt work then let marshall know and tell them you cant go through your dealer.
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take it to a guitar center store, and say that you got it from their online store and it's broken and that marshall recomend to return it and they should give you a new one or try fix it
Ok thanks guys. I know some places don't really affiliate with their website. For example, if a GC store treats guitarcenter.com as a different entity. I'll try that though.