so for the past 2 years ive been playing ive only ever worked on my techniques, no timing, and not even really learning other peoples music, but now im wanting to learn some songs to test out my techniques i cant stay in time to save my life, if its something slow like the November rain solo or something fastish like the fade to black solo i just cant stay in time, i can play it fine but not stay in time. this is really bad as i want to get into a band in about a year or so, problem that could be fixed in a year?

tips would be massive help

add me for help please

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i'd recommend playing with a backing track of some sort, that usually works for most people
Listen to the drums, count in your head, just be aware of where the beat is, how long the note you're playing is, etc.
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I sometimes lose time if the song or track I'm playing to is too quiet compared to myself, so have the song good and loud to start. Pay lots of attention to the drums, almost as much as on your actual technique. Other than that playing with a metronome etc as others have said is good.
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A great program I use is Ear Master Pro (5). You can select the time signature, tempo, note subdivisions to use, whether to include rests and ties, and you use the mouse or control key to tap out the rhythm. If you're consistent with your practicing you can probably see some improvement within a few weeks. In my case I was trying to layer some rhythm guitar parts for recordings, but couldn't stay in time to save my life. I spent a few weeks working with this program and when I went back to recording I was tight enough to pull it off.

Make sure if you use this you have the grading set on 'severe', if you set it any easier it's not going to be that effective.
You have to listen to what going on around you....whether it's a metronome, drums, a backing track, or other instruments...etc. Sometimes when people play, they get so engrossed in what "their" doing.....that they forget to listen.

Once you get into the groove, you can literally feel the timing.