Okay I'll cut straight to the chase - Me and my band were going to audition for BGT [just for fun really, we needed to do something as a band as we haven't gigged in a while] but our drummer decided he doesn't want to do it. So I'm considering doing my Acoustic and Vocal act with just me on my own. I'm up for doing it, I just want to know what you guys actually think of my performance?

I have two recordings of myself and here are the links now

Radiohead - How To Disappear Completely [And Never Be Found Again]

Enriqué Iglesias - Hero

Please check em out and I'll be very grateful for some constructive criticism. Please don't just comment to saying something like 'You're crap.' If you're going to comment something like that, please tell me why you think I'm bad so I can work on it

Cheers dudes!

No offense but you should work on your singing, you sound really grungy so you should at least change the song to one your voice would suit better. You're good don't get me wrong, the Radiohead cover was decent but Iglesias doesn't really suit your voice. Your voice reminds of RHCP and Smashing Pumpkins so you should either change the song, change the way you sing, or work on that Radiohead cover which did some justice to the song, that's for sure.

Also you should work on sounding a little more passionate, your voice was somewhat passionate in Hero but was a little weak for your Radiohead cover (although that song better suits your voice).

Also, consider playing an original, anyone with enough talent can play a cover but it takes more than talent to play (and compose) a decent original. Anyway, good luck and if you do an original, get it copyright before playing it live, you can't trust people in the music industry these days...or any day...days? GL
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Thanks I'm generally into heavier stuff than that - I listen to a lot of Muse and Metallica etc, but considering I was playing acoustic I thought I'd do softer things :]

Thanks for the comment though!