So I've been working on this today, it's sorta technical death metal, progressive death metal or just death metal, depends on who is looking at it. It includes heavy riffs and long clean parts.
I think it's almost ready, depends on do I get any nice suggestions for it. The song tells about falling into a trap, if anyone cares .
Feel free to crit, it's pretty long but I still want you to listen it from begin to end. If you don't like something or you would still want to hear something, let me know. Remember boys, it's C4C.

If someone wants gp4 remember to ask.

EDIT:Little change at intro solo.
Song of the Siren.zip
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I liked the intro. Amazing start to a song. Riff 1 was alright but nothing special. I personally think that you used verse 1 WAY to much in this song. You need to use another riff because it got old and annoying really fast. The chorus is pretty good. I like it a lot. TBH, I didn't really dig the clean part that much. It just didn't keep my interest at all. You might want to change the ending to bar 44 to make it more exciting/interesting to the ear. The break isn't all that interesting but it's alright. The solo was good. The clean part 2 that starts at bar 98 is amazing, nice work. The break at 131 needs to be replaced with something more interesting and creative. IMHO, I think that the break at bar 159 was unnecessary to the song.

I think this is a great example of a song that was forced to be longer than it actually needed to be. There were a lot of transition problems in this song. Most of the riffs were recycled way to much and that made the song suffer. Some of the riffs and instrumental work seem to be lazy at some points in the song. With a bit a work and more creativity into the direction of this song, it could be great.

6.5 - 7/10
Thanks for comment! Thanks, I really liked to start song with nice melody and then go into brutal parts, but never forget to add melodic parts. I thinked about using too much verses, but thanks, now I'm sure there are too many verses. Thank you!
However.. It was quite shocking that I got only 6½/10, since I really thought that it's my masterpiece . Well, I'm fixing it and going to make it better, I want atlast 8 from it ^^.
Man, I've checked out your stuf - and I like it.
Intro solo - kinda "middle-eastern" scale, sounds good.
Verse - Good riff, but not catchy as for me
Chorus - Some black-metal-ish feel i hear in this one - and it's works well for the song
Break was kinda repetetive
Break after Verse 3 - sound like Trivium (2006)! And it's awesome!
I don't like acoustic - sounds not good
Outro - Sounds epic, slow sweeps are working good for that part.

I'd give it 7/10! Stay true man, keep writing more stuff!
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i enjoyed the start of the classical guitar bit

Thanks for your awesome crit.
Thank you Tom . Song is quite ready now for me.
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but What genre would this be? Death Metal?

I thinked about it myself. It has elements from technical death metal, most of riffs are death metal riffs, it contains some calm acoustic parts and blackned death metal riffs. Also a little bit classical influence.
I would call it "Progressive death metal". Don't know about you . Name genre as you see it.
I don't have too much to say on this song. Most of it is just really good sounding (death) metal, all the riffs are solid really, especially the intro. Only real complaint is the solo about halfway or so through the song, some of the phrasing there isn't very nice. The acoustic part was probably the highlight.
Also, the outro is unexpected and really cool. Reminded me of Devin Townsend for some reason.

I just wish the song had more time signatures :p
Ye dude sorry but i don't have much to say eather.

The intro was the badest pat of the song for me.It didn't fit at all at the font of the rythm guitar and Riff 1 after that.

The other stuff .....good job mate,i like them alot.
Bar 49-My favorite part of the song Blastbeats FTW

Everything was good until the clean part.This time the solo sounds more suitable to my ears but i can't say that about the clean part.WAY out of the song idea for me.Not bad but i think it doesn' belong to that song

Verse4 ....the same riff again.I think you better change a bit cause it gets repetive

Outro-- no coment here Rocks all the way to the end

7/10 overall it was enjoyable