So I have a question about using a guitar amp for a bass. Everyone says not to do it because it will ruin the amp and so on. Is this because it will ruin the SPEAKER, or actually something inside the amp? Example- If I were to plug into my guitar amp, and run it out through headphones, or my home theatre system, do I have a chance of ruining my guitar amp still?

Ignore all potential quality loss and stuff from the fact that its a guitar amp, I'm just worried about ruining my equipment.
guitar amp + bass speakers = safe but crap sound

also there has been a lot of threads on this recently
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from what i understand, its the extra bass that blows out the speaker. the amp just amplifies the electrical signal, so im pretty sure using headphones will work no matter what the amp, granted the speakers in the headphones can withstand the extra bass. still, use at your own risk.
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electronically i think you're fine. mechanically, you can ruin speakers, and if youre using your amp strictly as a preamp to interpret your guitar signal for your stereo speakers to play, then you just have to make sure that your stereo speakers can handle the frequencies that youre playing at, just like you would if you were using your amp speakers.
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Gilly, that's a matter of preference I think.
I have a really liking for guitar distortion with a bass.
And there is something about the clean tone that I like, I think it may be that the mids of the bass are the focal point, but I think it's very nice.

real* liking.

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I have a really liking for guitar distortion with a bass.

Guitar distortion? Sure. I think there are plenty of good applications for that. I run my bass through a guitar pedal sometimes if I'm playing by myself or if I'm working on a solo ala Cliff Burton.

However, the preamp section on a guitar amp is set up differently than a bass amp, so the tone is pretty questionable regardless of how much distortion you have. Granted, that's just in my opinion, but I think a lot of people around here agree.

As to the original question, yes. It'll work fine, you won't damage anything as long as the speaker isn't used. It'll just sound bad.
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