I need some tips when it comes to string crossing while using legato.




Is it more efficient to bar and roll my finger or just shift up a string?
you can do either, I personally dont bar though.
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I usually try to stay away from finger rolling unless I have to. It seems to have more of a chance of hitting an extra note or messing up. I'd say just switch strings
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I don't barre/roll while playing legato. I just shift my fingers.
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Rolling would be the fastest way to go over to the next string but may take awhile to get clean. The perk of rolling is that it mutes the string you are moving from, saving you a little job.
Stick with the index finger as your focal point

i.e., when you move from the high e string to the b string, your index finger should arrive slightly before the rest of your fingers. Remember, the index finger is your guide.
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