What cab can I get to go with my acoustic b200 head that is at least 300 watts and is around $500?
acoustic b410, look used too - you may find some very powerful good cabs for cheap
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^ yup, that'd do it.

However, the Kustom Deep End 410, Ashdown MAG 410T, and Peavey TVX 410 are all well within budget as well, and much better in terms of durability.




edit: Actually, the MAG and Kustom are the same price as the acoustic.
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it depends on how you want to sound. the 4x10 would definately do it, but if you want it to have more lows, you might want to look into a 115 and then a 2x10 on top to get a nice blend of lows and highs
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There is no "better". A 410 will be louder though. A 115 will make the sound seem deeper, while a 410 will give a more balanced sound. This is due in part to the 115's ability to produce low frequencies, and partially by its inability to produce higher ones.

That's all very general, though. Individual speakers will have different attributes. My dad's Eden 115 isn't muddy at all.
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okay thanks for the help. I think I'm gonna save up and try and get an SVT 410 on craigslist for 500