Currently i am learning PercusienFa by Erik Mongrain. In the past I've learned the intro to Airtap but i couldnt get any further because I found it hard than learning a shred song.Since there are no tabs to Percusien Fa can you guys please give me some tips on his lap tapping style so i can eventually learn the whole thing? And yes i know he never plays the song the same way twice, but i really need help before i get frustrated and give up. My guitar has pretty high action which makes it a bit harder so that really doesn't help me. If anyone finds some tabs can you please PM me.

here's the song:

The tabs for this are on sale so you wont just find them on the internet and you cant expect us to give them to you. If you really want the tabs than go buy it.
My other tip is to learn what scales, etc hes improvising on than look at the movie to learn the techniques hes using (not the notes) and try to make up your own version.
Yes. That's why they cost money.
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