Greetings fellow UG'ers, now its finally here
added vocals and bass and bassdrops (oh how i love them, too bad i just got a 808 sample, i'd kill for the bmth samples)


a bit overcompressed, but in metalcore, the loudnesswar is omnipresent -.-

just gimme some critique where to improove,
i hate the not absolutely constant volume levels but i haven't got the time to heavy edit the stuff and adjust all the vocaltrack gain values.

hope you like it
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Not bad. It could do without so many breakdowns.

I especially like the tapping.

I don't see why you feel like you need to compress it so much though, dynamic is much better.
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Your drums sound a little thin, especially the snare (more volume and midrange on it would help). Vocals could use a little less volume and a little less high end. Your playing technique is pretty awesome, like gyroscope said, the tapping parts are choice. The shouting parts at 2:20 and 3:40 dont sound convincing at all, Id suggest re-doing them with more aggression in your voice. The faded reverby vocals at the end are a really nice touch

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For what it is, it's good. Not my type of Metalcore. Kind of reminds me of what my friend's band wants to be, but isn't because his writing is more screamo inclined. I don't like how it drops in and out of volume levels. Ugh, I just heard some pig squeals, that's the hugest turn off in metal for me these days. From what I gather it's growing in popularity. Anyway... Tight riffs, good ideas, with a few changes like no pig squeals for one this could be a winner.
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thanks for the kind comments guys, really encouraging

now heres the final version which also comes onto myspace, the biggest bitch was to get it soudn good on all devices, just beacuse it blasts on my studio headphones doesnt mean it sounds good on a ipod

also some slightly changed vocals (most noticeably a clean chorus)

if someones interested, i changed all links above and you can listen to it here
i love it when you hate the world ~ Zuko
it's okay. kind of scared me at first. i cant hear what you re saying vocals. and there is allot of errrr screaming and whatnot. i liked the playing and the mixing was good. i like the parts without the screaming much better though. good stuff man. it seems verry long too. with too many breaks. its kind of hard to follow. sorry man. not bad though.

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I'm pretty biased against metalcore vocals, so I'll leave them out of my crit. Each to his own style.
I didn't like the overcompression, don't do something just because the genre calls for it. Do your own stuff, make it sound like you want it to sound, not how people expect it to sound.
The shouting at 2:20 and 4:37 is slightly annoying, bring it down a little.

On a positive note, the guitarwork was good, and everything is well synched. The riffs are good, and I especially like the solo-interlude-thingy at 1:20. Fits in very well. Overall well composed and performed.

As you can see, most of my complaints are mix related, but you've got a good song going here.

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