Hey guys, a few months ago i bought a Fender Deluxe 24 korean built Jazz bass. I'm wondering if anyone on here has had ANY positive experiances with it. Im not one to buy a korean bass but this one was such a steal that i kinda just had to. 300 Dollars for a 900 dollar bass? I had to.
But i find it frustrating as its my only axe right now, ive brought it to be set up at least 3 times and the nut decays like flesh on a rotting corpse. I do play it alot but ive never had a bass that went through nuts like this. I need to know if this bass is just a nut buster or im maybe doing something wrong? I've tried teflon, Artificial ivory and they both had the same bad timeline. besides this bass just being lame in general its the most frustrating problem. Any help you guys could give me or guidance would be great!
Sorry this is a giant mess but i just bust the third one so im going crazy and im frustrated. Thanks : D
Mine is a first-rate bass and plays and sounds better than some of my American-made Jazz basses. A lot of makers have taken to putting cheap plastic nuts on their instruments these days. Have your repair tech change it out for a good one, such as a bone, Graph Tech or even an Earvana compensated nut. That should solve your problem.
Tis a wonderful bass. If your going through nuts like me suspects your doing something.

What strings are you using?
I love mine, Such great tones but will put some nordstrand pickups in it as the seymour duncuns aren't my favorite. But you can get some great dynamics from it and its very controlled in its sound.
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I hate Fender basses, nothing against them, but I just don't like them. They irk me.

Tried it once. Exceptionally good bass, as a man who only uses warwick I must tell it's THE best bass that Fender makes. (Considering quality, price, etc, bla, bla, bla)