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This is kind of hard to explain but I've noticed that when I play a song like Under the Bridge by RHCP where theres a lot of single notes, It ends up sounding choppy. Like too clean or something. Hopefully this makes sense. Is there a proper technique to make the notes flow better or sound more fluent? Ive only been playing for about 8 months so I really want to fix this so I don't screw up any other songs lol. Thanks in advance!
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If it's possible, keep the note fretted as long as you can
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i'm sure there's ways to work on that, but most guitarists just grow out of that phase after a little while. it really just takes getting your fretting hand more comfortable playing the song.
Sounds like you're talking about

A) Tremolo picking, where the notes are alternately picked in doubles, triplets, etc, so that the notes are subdivided and it is played very fast. Basically, it's playing notes very quickly using alternate picking.


B) Muted rakes, where you mute the strings with your fret hand and drag the pick across (up and/or down) all strings in order to sound a dull tone. It's usually (or very commonly) used in conjunction with a wah pedal.

Those are my guesses as to what you're talking about. I haven't heard Under The Bridge in forever, though. As far as getting better at any technique, the answer is just keep practicing it.
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You need to practice your timing. When you go to fret another note, be sure to pick and fret the note simultaneously. Don't lift your fingers up far away from the neck.
Be sure to practice this slowly.
hold down your finger after you play the note.it will come with practice

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