This is at a tempo of 180

     PM PM PM                                   
     |--3--|   |---3--|   |---3--|   |---3--|   
     E  E  E   E  E   E   E   E  E   E   E  E   

   PM  PM PM        PM       PM       
   |---3--|   |--3--|  |--3--|        
   E   E  E   E  E  E  E  E  E  Q     

All the notes on the E string (and only the notes on the E string) are palm muted. Should I should keep the string palm muted the whole time while I play this riff? I rest my hand on the bridge and I can do that, but is it a good way, or no?
Quote by tenfold
You should take your palm off the strings after you don't need to palm mute anymore.

So, even though I rest my hand on the bridge I should move it off the strings after each palm muted note?
Yes. Bring it away from the strings though, don't bring your hand upwards, bring it outwards from the bridge just enough to get the other notes clear.
Here's an example you can use to practice this feeling:
      PM PM    PM    PM    PM                

Basically, all the 2's are palm muted, but you let up in between to have the other notes ring out.
Its like raining blood by slayer. or any metal song like that. It just takes some getting used to and practice.
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