This is a major revision of a recent piece. It's still in need of some work, could use a lot of trimming. C4C!

how solid a foundation
but i'm still left
with an equation and no solution
with a blueprint half done
but i still can see in my mind
what will be a masterpiece

does my vision lie to me?
way out, where the heavens meet the ground
i swear i see it
now everything waiting, covered eyes and smiling

i fell asleep in the rain
i rub my eyes, now opened
i see my blueprints floating away
and i can see it's slowly flooding

now i see my failures
as they are what has defined me
and though the world is turning
i'm unmoving, yet still reaching

i will no longer wait
i make my way to the shoreline
here i meet my future face to face

though i slip beneath the high tide
the horizon still fills my mind's eye
and though the currents sway my extended arm
i feel the skyline within my grasp

hand now held above the waves
pull me skyward
my vision turns away
i look to you
then the depths fade

this is not my identity
it is you who has shaped me
We're only strays.
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