Ok well I'm totally running out of options so I guess I just have to turn to The Pit. I feel stuck in a rut, just playing the same riffs, songs, and licks for the past 6-8 months so I am starting to lose interest. I want to learn lead guitar and how to improvise a solo. But more importantly I just need something to jump start my love in the instrument and playing 3 hours a day like I used to. Can you guys help me find a good website or something that will jump start my playing? I would really appreciate it.
well its easy, play something you havnt for the last 6-8 months, that you enjoy listening to.
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Yea maybe look at some tabs of known shredders and anaylize the patterns.Practice them then put them into your own context.
I had this problem myself a while back. One thing you can do is play something completely different from what your playing now. Like if your learning a lot of metal, try learning songs by Jazz or blues players such as B.B. king or Eric Clapton. Then after you feel you've given metal a sufficient rest then go back and try some of the riffs you played before using the new techniques you learned while playing that other style. Of course if your a jazz person the idea can work the opposite way as well, going from jazz to metal and back.

Just a thought, Good luck at getting your spark back!
Thanks smart kid. I have a tab with all sorts of different music in it. Your username really speaks for itself.
either A) learn new songs or B) write your own, if you have little to no theory experience i suggest The Crusade on this site its extremely helpful and easy to understand
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i agree, nothing pumps up my love of music than writing new riffs, also learning new stuff is cool.
Listen to new music, even if it's not guitar based it can help - I was the same, playing and listening to pop punk was good for a while when I was young, now I listen to alot of genres and I find it helps.
Sometimes taking a break is also a good way for me to get inspired, take a walk stuff like that - maybe this would help you.