Someone was telling me the other day that a friend had a program that allowed him to plug his keyboard (piano keyboard, not computer keyboard ) into his computer and whatever he played was transposed into sheet music.

something kind of like this was in the movie Drumline too, obviously for drums tho.


my question is...

Is there a program that you can do this with a guitar and produce tabs?
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Not likely. The main reason for this is: how will the program "know" where you played the notes on the fretboard? 5th fret on your lowest E-string will sound identical to your open A-string. When it detects this note, what constitutes as the correct tablature? There are far too many nuances on the guitar that can be detected by a program and notated perfectly.

Whereas on a MIDI controller keyboard (like the kind your friend uses), the program will be able to sense velocity, duration, and modulation of the compressed keys. The function of a MIDI controller is to send a series of signals, or "triggers" for the program to recognize.

Now there is the invention of the MIDI guitar which allows you to play MIDI instruments from the activity and motion of your strings. Neat creation! But unlike a keyboard where the notes are clearly defined in position, the MIDI guitar's pickups function on the frequency of the vibrations of its strings. The MIDI pickups detect these vibrations and convert them into electrical signals or "triggers" that your program can recognize. But the problem still lies in where the notes were played on the fretboard.
Most programs will write sheet music with the help of a MIDI connection.

I know Sonar 7 and 8 Producer/Studio do it but but I'm not sure about the lower end Sonars such as Home.
Reaper may do it but I have not tried...

As for tabs from a guitar...you can try some kind of high end MIDI interface that takes in a guitar signal but they are priced high and dont work well...
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maybe if you have either a MIDI guitar (like a synthaxe) or one of those Roland MIDI pickup systems, otherwise no.
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There are midi pickups you can get. But I have no personal experience with them, although in theory it's very possible, if each string was processed seperately.
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There is a program that does this. an old music teacher of my had it. i believe its called finale. i dont remember the company but you could probably find it.