I bought one recently (about a month ago) for $90 and i feel like i may have wasted my money. I play mostly Post Hardcore stuff and the heavy tone to it doesnt really fit in that well......Ive tried messin with the balance and gain, but everything just seems to sound the same just at a different volume.
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Makes a good doorstop.
Apart from that, it doesn't have much use.

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I use it with my guitar quite a bit. Mainly because I'm too poor to buy a proper distortion pedal.

Bass, not so much...
My bassist uses it to imitate synth sounds alongside a chorus, and we use it just for different tones. You can ease the gain back and get a nice crunch without actually really distorting the sound. In one of our songs he gets a bit of a solo and the overdrive makes it sound really nice. Different. You just have to be creative with it.
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Seriously though. Before buying anything, read up on it, ask around and (most importantly) try it out.
Boss has sound clips of most of their pedals or at least used to on their site.

Its a good pedal if you are looking for more a fuzz tone than a OD tone. I use it when playing in a blues trio for a touch of overdrive. It works OK in most punk situations.
i try to use it from time to time in my band, usually when the guitarists are playing clean, i'll use the pedal and when they go into distortion, i'll turn it off, but for the most part, i usually use it at home cuz there's actually a decent sound through my practise amp
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The problem with the ODB-3 isnt that you cant get a usable tone out of it, it's that you can get better pedals for less money. The bass big muff does a better fuzz and it's more adjustable. Even the Ibanez Phat-hed does overdrive better, at least thats how I feel, and it's dirt cheap.
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imo its not that bad...

turn the channel dial all the way to OD and turn the gain dial to between off and about 9'o clock.

that gets me a fairly decent clunky but punchy tone when using a pick for metalcore etc.
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I was about to buy the ODB-3 but I tried it and its buzzy sound turned me off. I'm glad I got the Bass Big Muff instead. If you want a really edgy, buzzy sound, (I don't know many who do, though) you might get a somewhat decent tone through the ODB-3. I wanted more of a fuzz and the BBM is right on the money.