I am friends with a couple guys in a local band called Warsynium They're basically a thrash metal band with progressive and hardcore elements thrown in, and have a very wide variety of influences. They're exceptional musicians (well, I'll let you decide) and their live performances are as tight and well performed as their studio efforts.

Their myspace is here:http://www.myspace.com/warsynium

You can look them up on Facebook as well, and here are a couple live vids:



You can also get free MP3's of songs off their new EP off of myspace.
Pretty damn cool. I like the weird time signatures. I also like the vocals, which usually make or break music for. The vocals here were not obnoxious, and pretty unique-sounding also.
Like punk the way it used to be? Deranged Youth Its like what Warped Tour should be!

Want to hear something mind-blowing? Pit O' Bodies Its like an amateur hypnotist plus the Spanish Inquisition!