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well what i did was take a basic chord and turned it into a sweep, i choosed the C chord to "create" the sweep. now, in order to do this you need to hit the same notes that are in the chord but you need to hit each one individually with a sweeping motion. for the notes (again, for the chord of C) you will need to go in this order: E,C,E,G,C,e. so the easiest way to do this sweep is like this:


so there you have it, all the exact same notes that are in the C chord. if you look closely you would also notice that if you pretend that the 12 fret is open then you place your fingers in the same shape as the C chord, that's the notes that you are holding in for your C. this is because all the open notes start back over on the twelfth fret. so to actually do the sweep take your index finger and put it on the 12th fret of the low e, then pinky on the 15th fret of the next string down, then with your ring finger on the 14th fret next string down, then index finger on the 12th fret next string down, then middle finger on the 13th fret next string down, and index finger again on the 12th fret of the next string and do the same pattern coming back up. when doing a sweep you shouldn't pick each individual note, but instead make a motion like your strumming a chord but practice this VERY VERY VERY slowly when you first try it just to make sure you already have your fingers on the right strings as your going down and back up. hope this helps!