Hey guys, I have my first gig coming up soon, nothing to difficult, although it is a large event with an expected turnout of up to 200 or so people, it was dumped on me at very short notice leaving me only two weeks (busy ones aswell) to learn the songs I need to learn, I can play easy enough from paper but yeah the work is going in so i should be able to play by memory on the day,

...so heres wandering, as I believe a thread like this may help other players (of any instrument) who are coming up to their first sets..

To all you experienced giggers out there, what are the best techniques/methods/things to consider? (preparing, nerves, etc)

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Try rehearsing with your band yet?
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Try rehearsing with your band yet?

ofc.. although strictly speaking they arent my band, as said it was dumped on me two weeks before the event..
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