With my classic 30, i had thought i had a pretty good tone for what i was looking for until i started playing lead lines and it was just too crunchy and not smooth enough for what i was looking for. I found a sound clip of a stock classic 30 with an eq in the loop that has a tone more similar to what im looking for. (the clip is the first one here, http://www.netmusicians.org/?value=Peavey%20Classic%2030%20%28combo%29&section=amp). I also have an eq (mxr 10 band), and i just bought the OCD to see if that could help me. Any ideas on how to get my tone to smoothen out, while still remaining heavy. If anyone can show eq trends/ OCD settings to get this it would be much appreciated. Im looking for a better idea of where to start, i can make the minor tweaks and adjustments myself.

edit: link above doesnt work. this should http://www.netmusicians.org/?value=Peavey%20Classic%2030%20%28combo%29&section=amp
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that actually has VERY little gain. id suggest turning your gain on the OCD to about 8 or 9 oclock then just EQing everything flat.
Does any one else have ideas. Is it even possible to get that creamy/ smooth tone out of a classic voiced crunchy amp?
Run your classic 30 with whatever tone you like, and then boost with the OCD, as in, turn the gain off and volume all the way up, mess with the tone as you like.

Try turning your tone knob down slightly, or use your neck pickup, or both.