As you gathered from the title, this is about multi-tracking EZDrummer in Adobe Audition 3.0. I can not get EZDrummer to work in multi-track mode. I can get it all running fine in single track, but I need multi-track.
I've searched far and wide across the interblag and found nothing.
Can anyone please help?
I always used FL Studio to do my drum tracks, Then I would go into audition and record all the tracks over it, save them seperately, and do all my processing and synth addition back on fl studio, it work so great I never even tried doing it all in Audition, haha.
The first step in any DAW is to set the output channels of the EZ Drummer mixer properly. Unless you have the various drums/mics set to different channels (you have 8 to work with) then you will never get it to work no matter what you do. Once you have that done IO suggest creating 8 stereo AUX tracks and just changing the input settings for those tracks to the EZ Drummer outputs. Ot just read the manual where all this is explained.
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