I have a few question about tone on my 5150

I need some new power and pre amp tubes soon, should I get it biased and and there different types of biasing as in for getting different tones?

also, I have a really shitty cab, I was thinking of getting a mesa stiletto cab, they supposedly have a tight sound, which I need for my low tunings. Is this a good idea or just my own preferance?

lastly, I don't know what guitar to get, I want a neck through guitar with a trem and no paint, just the wood with finish on it, and the humbuckers that come on the schecter c-1 classic, they sound amazing with distortion.

any help appreciated
Stilettos have a tight low end, yeah.

Tubes should be biased so they're not too cold and not too hot. It could mean they die faster and I think colder tubes = way less headroom.

Could try getting something like DiMarzio Crunch Lab in the bridge. That has pretty cool distortion.
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5150 has no bias adjustment.

Only way to "adjust" is modifying it to include a bias pot, which frankly, I recommend, but that's tech work, and not needed until you're unhappy with stock tube tones.
5150's/6505's do not have a real adjustable bias stock. And they are sent from the factory with an extremely cold bias.

I highly recommend you get yours biased modded or an adjustable bias installed. A properly biased 5150/6505 with quality tubes sounds worlds better than a stock one.

I can't recommend FJA enough for this: www.FJAMods.com

For cabs, you'd love a VHT/Fryette Fatbottom, Mesa, and my #1 pick: Vader (perfect for metal, low tunings and matches perfectly with 5150's/6505's).
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No offense, but having your amp sent to FJA just for a bias mod is a waste of money.

Any decent tech can do it, hell anyone who knows how to somewhat use a soldering iron can do it...

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Heh I would never send an amp to FJA just for an adjustable bias.

But yeah, it's definitely worth asking your local tech.