Okay, so I'm throwing a party at my house this weekend just for the sake of getting drunk. There's going to be around 20-25 people there. About 90% of these people only drink maybe once a month, so most shouldn't have a high tolerance. I was just wondering how much should I predict on spending on alcohol? And what kind of liquor should I get?
My plan was three cases of Keystone for about $50, and then maybe like two handles of Smirnoff or Captain? Which would be about $45-50.
Or is there a cheaper, still adequate liquor I can buy? I don't want shit though.

I'm still a novice in the alcohol league so bare with me. My neighbor will be buying since he is of age, and I am not yet.

By the way, I live in Indiana if that sways any answers.

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BYOB.... no questions asked

That's how pretty much every party I've been to has been. Never been a problem.

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Buy weed instead.

Or this.
byob and buy weed instead. works perfectly.
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How old are you? My mom drinks sangria. Vodka that's it cheap strong or cheap beer.

20. I've had sangria once...it was delicious and got me drunk so I'm not complaining
byob and an ounce or 2 of weed should be fine, I don't know how much weed goes for in US tho.
Oh on second thought, get a keg too, don't mention the keg so ppl are more motivated to bring their own booze.
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BYOB.... no questions asked

**** man thats just etiquette right ther lol byob is the only way to go. just buy something that you like for yourself and to hell with everyone else

haha i like how he is going to have the party at his house and buy their alcohol

that just about like having a friend stay at your house for a few months and he efffs your girl
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Worst? I don't know. My buddies old MG 10 until we turned it into a cup holder and ash tray.
You could decimate that whole party for about $20. Here's how:

1 half Gallon Vodka
2 cans Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice
1 Packet Strawberry or Cherry Flavored KoolAid

Defrost OJ. Mix all ingredients together. DO NOT ADD WATER. You can also add sugar to taste.

Be careful 1 8oz glass is enough if not more than enough.
Make punch with everclear. 4 shots worth of that stuff will drop most girls pants. And kegs are way more economical- 1 keg for about 65 bucks and a handle of everclear will do it easily.
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BYOB don't be their bitch man

Totally. You're already giving the location. No reason for you to also provide the fuel for their future projectile vomiting episodes.
Ok. It should be BYOB.

If someone who is underage and you consider them a "bro" or a "female that you would later like to attempt to have intercourse with" cannot obtain anything, then he/she can give you money to have beverages of thier choosing purchased for them.
Well it would be BYOB, but I already offered to supply. But I am making everyone who comes throw down some money.
And I may just text everyone and say bring any alcohol they have cuz I'll have a lack.
It is BYOW though, ahah. All my friends always have weed sooo I'm gonna get smoked out.

Get some Kamchatka or McCormick's vodka. **** paying more than 11 bucks on a half gallon of what is rubbing alcohol anyway and have some fun. If you want, get the vodka, some orange/banana/pineapple/etc juice and make jungle juice.
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Buy weed instead.

i agree weed is better than beer. it doesnt give you a hang over, it doesnt destroy your liver, and you wont smell like a homeless person after using lots of it.
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