Hello. I have a Fender MIM Strat, and I see that it plays great, no tuning problems, nothing perceivably wrong with it after a whole year with the thing.

And then someone comes and tells me my bridge needs balancing!
I was explained on how to do it and everything, and i know how to go about doing it.

My question is, is it really needed? Would the playing be better?
And does balancing exactly mean 'flush with the body'?

here are pictures:

Looks a little high, but not within a level where it needs adjusting.
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if the action is ok and it feels good to play I wouldn't have thougt it would make too much of a difference
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Nah, it doesn't matter with strats. They were thinking of Floyd Roses, and were probably just trying to sound smart.

In fact you could threw some locking tuners on there and kept the nut lubed you could go kinda crazy with it and it would be perfectly fine. Not necessary of course, but it's what I'd do.
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