I've been playing guitar for quite a few years and this question always bugged me.
It may be stupid but I'm curious as to what is the answer. The part of the stand that holds your neck, how high or low should it be, should it be all the wway up to the head stock, low near the body or in the middle, I honestly don't think it changes much but I just bought a new axe and want to make sure it doesn't change anything.

Thanks In Advance
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I have mine about as high as it can go. For my acoustic its a little more important though because of the larger body. Keeps you from accidentally hitting the top part if you have a few more inches of clearance than only one inch. Probably not as important my for electric but I keep it high still.
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My guitar stand is on top of a very low, large table so it sometimes makes me uneasy to have the top part of the stand very high. Its a balance thing for me.