Ok, so i've been playing guitar for a few years and i want to upgrade from my VERY crappy Ibenez. I really want to get a strat but my only problem is the price. So my question is how does a standard compare to an american standard, and is the price of the standard worth it?

BTW I play Jazz, Funk, Ska, and Hardcore Punk/ if at all possible i would like to keep a price range at $500
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from what I have played, the american standard is def. the way to go. But you might as well buy one used.

Yeah, you should be able to pick up a used American Std. for around $500. The American stuff has better electronics, tuning keys, and a more comfortable neck.
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The American Standard will have higher grades of wood and better hardware; particularly if you get a Strat with a tremolo. Also, the electronics might be a bit better. The American Strat will also hold its value if you ever decide to sell it - something the Mexican version will not do.

The bodies and necks are cut on the same machines. The machines are just located in different countries. The Mexican Strats play very well.
The American Standard is a bit pointless; the American Deluxe utterly blows it out of the water in every single way and usually only costs about $100 more. It's really worth saving up the extra money because the Am Deluxe really does completely embarass the Am Standard.

As far as MIM Standard vs the American Strats go, you'll definitely notice a difference but it may not be enough of a difference to you to justify the extra money. So long as you shop around and thoroughly test each guitar out, it's quite easy to find a MIM Standard Strat that will do everything you need and be built solidly.

Generally speaking, I think MIM Standard Strats are good for peope wanting a basic, traditional Strat at a reasonable price, the MIM Deluxe and Classic Player models are really great value so long as the unique fetaures each one has suit you, or you should just save up and get an Am Deluxe Strat; I think the Road Worn, Highway One and Am Standard Strats to be rather pointless models given the far superior quality of the Am Deluxe, the extra features of the MIM Deluxe and Classic Player, or the value of the MIM Standards.
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I went for something imbetween with Mexican Deluxe, its cheaper than american, and has better spec
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Look into the used market as there are great deals to be had out there now.

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Check used, buying a guitar used is the way to go. You get more bang for your buck.