Hi people,

I've been playing for maybe a year now, just learning to play songs and the like, and now I want to tackle some music theory so I can play my own stuff and understand what I'm playing and why things work and don't.
I've looked all over the internet for music theory beginner lessons, but nowhere does it start from the very beginning on what to learn.
I have no musical background whatsoever, but know little bits. Does anyone have any tips on where I should begin the mega adventure that is music theory??

Also, my focus is on rock/power metal such as Edguy, Alter Bridge etc.

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Start by learning the notes on the fretboard.
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My advice is try not to learn everything at once, because you, most likely, will feel overwhelmed by all the information and none of it will make any sense.

Take it slow and don't jump the gun, no matter how tempting it may be. Sure, reading about intervals and shit is boring, and you probably wanna get down to modes so you can solo all the time over anything, but you'll get there a lot quicker if you learn all the basics first.

Once you know it though it's an invaluable tool, i've been self learning for a few months now and I regret not trying to learn sooner.
i advise you try be an active learner....

you can get a teacher who you can discuss theory with.
discuss concepts you have learnt and take exams/tests in you knowledge of theory .
its important to have a pencil and papaer and some blank manuscript ,
in my opinion purely staring at a computer screen will not suffice , at best you will learn things in a parrot fashion , its vital to USE the theory you learn , put it to the test, demonstrate it , have it assessed , even teach what you have learnt yourself .
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Thanks for all your input everyone, very helpful!!! Cheers!!

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I have an active school/academy with enrollment of about 200 here in Texas, and I am now bringing my stuff online recently. It grew entirely from word of mouth locally, and I expect the same will happen once someone here discovers how quickly I get them up and going.

But my honest opinion to you or anyone else as far as a good path to start out on, would be starting your studies with me. I'll teach you what no book (that Ive ever run across in 25 years of playing) does.

Here also is an example of my notes on the neck demonstration - picture yourself being able to do this as well...because I absolutely can get you there


Here also is an example of my chord theory ability, keep in mind you too can do this as well, and I teach this.


If I can help you, let me know. The main thing that I feel confident of this method, without meaning to step on anyones toes here, is that I can teach you very very quickly, and save you years of mystery and confusion in the process. It is my hope that my approach will eventually revolutionize the way the guitar is taught, which means that we will have more self sufficient guitar players out here who have learned how to "fish" for themselves.